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IP is a Valuable Asset

Identify, Protect + Commercialize

Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Lawyer s Focused On Maximizing Your IP ROI


We provide expert licensing counsel to clients in all industries for anyi n or outbound licenses, R&D or any other licensing transaction.

IP Commercialization

Our intellectual property attorneys do more than proect you IP, they help you make money off it.  We are IP experts to help you grow.

IP Management

More than just intellectual property lawyers, we provide full spectrum IP audit and management services to help your company know its IP.

Intellectual Property IP Lawyer


We provide patent management services that leverage our network of expert patent agents with deep industry expertise.


We help clients protect their brand through effective trademark counseling at cost effective fees or low flat fee engagements.


Amplify's intellectual property attorneys can assist you in registering your copyrights to provide full protection for your works.

Mobile Intellectual Property Attorney

Assisted in the creation and conceptualization of multiple innovative product and marketing solutions for a next gen technology that were adopted by (and became a core offering of) a public company.

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Assisted a technology client in the inventory of novel and existing intellectual property for a new product line and advised on intellectual property protection and commercialization strategy of to drive new product launch.

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Advised a venture backed startup in the management of a scoring alogrithim and related platform patent application by providing unique insights into patentable subject matter, counsel supervision, strategic planning and related support.

Cloud IP Attorney

Managed website and e-commerce audits and implementation of related policies and best practices, including TOUs, privacy policies, content agreements and design and interface protection to protect clients in online environments.

IT intellectual property Attorney

Advised numerous informtation technology and computer engineering companies on product development and commercialization efforts, including IP strategy and partnering efforts.

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Represented clients in application for trademarks on an intent-to-use as well as in-commerce basis to protect word as well as logo marks.  Advise on related trademark protection and monitoring issues related to brand.

Example transactions of our IP lawyer s:

Expert Intellectual Property Lawyers

Amplify provides comprehensive solutions to the intellectual property challenges that face companies at all stages of growth - from individual inventors to large companies - in every aspect of their business that involves the acquisition, development, exploitation, management or protection of intellectual property.


Amplify's Intellectual Property practice is dedicated to maximizing the value and security of our clients' intellectual property.  Our attorneys work closely with businesses across a range of industries, including high technology, digital and social media, life sciences, retail and service, Internet, telecommunications, software, and semiconductor, tailoring solutions to meet their particular needs and stage of development. Whether it is structuring a sophisticated IP-based transaction, formulating patent strategies, assisting with trademark selection and clearance, drafting online license and click-through agreements or defending a company in litigation, we offer advice that assists our clients in meeting their objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner.​

IP Maximized | True IP Strategy, Management and Exploitation

​In today's world, intellectual property is becoming the driving factor of innovation and growth in almost all industries.  In fact companies can be successful with just a strong IP position - no longer do you need to build a fully robust operating model to achieve revenue and grow your brand.  Whether you are a start-up or solo inventor or a large technology company, Amplify is positioned to help your company truly maximize the value of its intellectual property.

Amplify has represented industry-leading companies in developing IP asset management and protection strategies designed to drive growth, manage risk and understand the competitive landscape.  We excel at advising on how to best leverage IP assets into revenue streams and business growth through IP protection and commercialization efforts.

Our intellectual property lawyers use their technological expertise to counsel clients on how to capitalize on their intellectual property and technology investments by proactively auditing, analyzing and planning exploitation strategies for their IP assets.


Clients requiring superior business advice and guidance about how to maximize the value of their IP assets turn to an experienced attorneys at Amplify. Our attorneys can help clients arrange capital, develop and monetize products and IP assets, structure IP portfolios, and obtain complimentary technology – steps that can help companies penetrate markets and exploit a competitive advantage.

Intellectual Property Transactions

When intellectual property and technology play a part in a transaction, businesses need experts who can effectively structure agreements to maximize the value of the business relationship, effectively manage risk and, most importantly, protect their intellectual property and proprietary rights.

Amplify provides highly experienced legal services focusing exclusively on all types of transactions involving technology and intellectual property. Our lawyers combine a deep understanding of the intellectual property disciplines - copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret - with focused experience on handling transactions involving these intangible assets.  Our experience covers all structures of transactions. We have represented clients in IP and technology acquisitions, sales and licenses; R&D agreements; strategic alliances and other forms of joint collaborations; outsourcing arrangements; and all forms of e-commerce and Internet transactions; among others.

Our technology transactions and commercial transactions practice area page lists many of the intellectual property transaction types we regularly negotiate.

IP Strategy + Management

IP Development

(Creation | Identification | Capture)

IP Protection

(Applications | Registrations)
IP Asset Management

(Audits | Review | Analysis | Reporting | Inquiry)
IP Commercialization

(Licensing | Partnering | Distribution)

IP Exploitation

(Competitive Differentiation | Positioning | Strategic Acquisitions | Blocking)

IP Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Licensing

IP Strategy | IP Development

IP Protection | IP Exploitation

IP Audits | IP Reviews



Patent Strategy | Management

Technical Diligence

IP Diligence

Open Source Software

Complex IP Transactions

University Licensing

Tech Transfers

Our Value Proposition

Amplify excels at value creation by:

 > Decreasing Costs involved in protecting and acquiring rights  

  > Increasing Revenue by monetizing owned rights
  > Creating IP through collaborative development

  > Minimizing Risk due to inappropriate exploitation of IP  

  > Improving Information Flow and the availability of rights analysis information for the business
  > Improving Market Position
  > And much more.

IP Rights Management | IP Value Maximization

Intellectual property asset management is a critical driver of success in the global marketplace.  With the right team, expertise and processes, you can manage your IP assets to add strategic and economic value to your company's bottom line. When you work with Amplify, you get a partner that understands innovation and IP value maximization. Amplify helps clients at all stages of the business cycle identify, secure and maintain rights in valuable technologies, and develop marketing strategies and profitable branding programs.  We advise companies about the creation and management of their IP portfolios.

Amplify's IP Rights Management services provide legal advice and analysis on IP rights such as trademarks, patents, distribution rights, copyrights, editing rights, merchandising rights, format rights, and broadcast rights for media content.  Our offering comprises of Rights Management framework covering the following areas:

    > IP Asset Development, Identification and Capture

    > IP Protection (Applications | Registrations)   

    > IP Asset Management (Audits | Review | Analysis |Reporting | Inquiry)   

    > IP Commercialization (Licensing | Partnering | Distribution)

    > IP Exploitation (Competitive Differentiation | Positioning | Strategic Acquisitions | Blocking)

We typically handle matters including:

    •  Identification of intellectual property and R&D pipes    

    •  Strategic evaluation and management of patent portfolios and applications    

    •  Creation and management of marks, creative works and other materials    

    •  Applications for trademarks and copyrights in the United States and abroad    

    •  Assessment and advice regarding licensing and technology transfer policies and procedures    

    •  Establishment of brand and media licensing and distribution programs    

    •  Licensing of trademarks and copyrights    

    •  Software or data licensing initiatives for multiple distribution channels

Flat Fee IP Legal Rates

What sets Amplify apart is not only our knowledge of Intellectual Property law and legal issues, but our ability to provide fixed fee intellectual property legal services.  Our IP attorneys have negotiated hundreds of transactions and know intimately how to effectively and efficiently handle representations.  We are thus able to offer ​flat rate intellectual property attorneys and services.  Learn more about our alternative billing for IP representations.  While we are based in the Washington, DC area, we can represent clients across the US and represent domestic clients in international transactions.

Want to Learn More?  Schedule a Free Consultation to Talk With Us


We know clients might want to learn more about us and our experience and we are happy to talk to prospective clients - no charge and no obligation. We know that once you talk to us and learn about our firm, you'll have all the information you need to choose Amplify to help you manage your legal requirements and help your company grow.  Contact us today.

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