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Our Deal Philosophy:


Unlike many lawyers, we view each transaction on a collaborative basis and not an adversarial exercise.  Why?  Because you should be partners with your customers and vendors - we but business goals first.

Few Cycles

Deals can take a long time.  We are commercial transactions attorneys who can decrease cycles, focus on important issues and propose market compromises  to get deals done in short time frames.


When we start a representation, our goal is to understand business objectives and service/product delivery expectations.  We believe in aligning interests to achieve goals quickly.


While we always strive for a win-win approach, we never compromise on critical client issues and ensure appropriate provisions are in place to protect clients and position clients for success in the deal.

Low Fees

Sophisticated commercial attorneys and technology transaction lawyers don't need to cost you big firm rates.  Our experience matches any large firm yet our rates are a fraction.  We excel at flat fee engagements.

Example Transactions:

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Advised large public pharmaceutical company on sophisticated product development efforts to diversify revenue and expand into managed services offerings based on mobile and app service delivery model.

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Led and negotiated strategic licensing arrangements with a global digital signal processing and semiconductor company to seed the market with client’s software and allow multi-million dollar up-sell opportunities for client’s sales team.

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Represented a large media company on various licensing agreements including video distribution agreements, co- branding Internet content arrangements and trademark licensing agreements.

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Led and negotiated an outsourced service relationship for large public bank to provide back-end solutions for a new business line to allow bank to offer effective customer services in a specialty division.

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Represented public financial services company on technology transactions including wireless services agreement, licensing of financial modeling products, and purchase of network infrastructure from a leading hardware and software provider.

Mobile App Technology Attorney

Advised client in creation and implementation of off-shore development center business model generating more than $10M in additional annual revenue from an existing client relationship.

Examples of Typical Commercial and Technology Agreements Handled

Licensing Agreements

Distribution Agreements

Reseller Agreements

IP Licenses

Marketing Agreements

Research & Development Contracts

Outsourcing Agreements

Offshore Development Agreements

Development Agreements

Technology Licenses

VAR and OEM Agreements

Teaming Agreements

Hosting Agreements

Managed Services Agreements

Maintenance Agreements

Support Agreements

Product Placement Agreements

Content Distribution Agreements

Software License Agreements

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

E-Commerce Agreements

Professional Service Agreements

Data Processing Agreements

Call Center Agreements

Patent License Agreements

Technology License Agreements

Hardware Agreements

Intellectual Property Licenses

​Web Services Agreements

Website Terms of Use

Website Privacy Policies

Website API Licenses

Royalty Agreements

Commercial Sales Agreements

Evaluation Agreements

Partnering Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements

Strategic Alliance Agreements

Service Level Agreements

University Licenses

Statements of Work

Technical Exhibits

Master License Agreements

Assignment Agreements


Business Focused Deal Structuring From Our Commercial Lawyers

At Amplify, we understand that almost all clients are looking for practical and business-savvy commercial attorneys to help them get deals done efficiently.  We are experts in streamlined negotiations and not fighting for the sake of fighting.  We focus on the important issues and take our cues from business stakeholders as to what is needed to best acheive client objectives.  Of course we always ensure that legal provisions are within market/reasonable tolerances.  Our commitment to client-focused results with an emphasis on a positivie end customer/partner experience truly differentiates Amplify.

A Strong Technology and Commercial Transactional Capability 

With skilled Technology Transactions attorneys experienced across industries, Amplify is able to handle virtually any commercial contract, technology-related transaction, joint venture or strategic alliance no matter the underlying product, service or technology and no matter the industry or field of use.  Our Technology Transactions lawyers help companies maximize the value of their strategic assets and key relationships and the return on their intellectual property and technology investments. 


Our technology and commercial transaction lawyers offer in-depth knowledge of technology and industry trends and requirements that enables us to work with our clients to identify, develop and implement creative solutions to the technological, business and legal issues that arise in the course of a complex commercial and technology transactions. Our goal is to provide practical, real world solutions to complex technology and commercial deals designed to drive client-specific best outcomes.

Knowledge and Expertise - Legal | Technological | Business

We are experts at technology and commercial related products and services.  True knowledge and passion for intellectual property and technology results in highly efficient legal services that provide best outcomes for clients.  At Amplify, we understand varied business practices and models and focus our legal skills and business expertise to help our clients drive growth.  Whether our clients are acquiring, selling, licensing, developing or distributing technology, products, or commercial services, our transactional attorneys help them attain successful business outcomes while protecting their critical intellectual property assets.

We have been at the bleeding edge of technology implementations from both the consumer as well as legal side.  We have been able to identify numerous areas for clients to focus product development and research and development.  It is not often that lawyers provide true revolutionary product ideas to clients, but we have the privilege of doing so with numerous clients who value our business and technological acumen just as much as our legal sophistication.  In fact, we have provided one public company with 8 separate ideas for new products related to a novel technological application that diversified product offerings and drove new revenue.  This is just one example of how we provide truly business first legal advice.

Efficient Commercial Transactions | Less Legal Cycles | Quicker Revenue

Our technology and commercial transaction attorneys excel at efficient transactions and deal cycles that drive down costs and minimize time.  As our principals generally run the full deal - you do not pay for duplication and review.  There is no hand holding or learning on the client's dime. Having a dedicated deal lawyer is fundamental to increasing agility and driving value for clients - particularly when our rates for high end attorneys are less than first year associates at most major firms.


A Wide Range of Commercial Agreement Experience

Our technology and commercial transactions lawyers have experience in virtually all transaction structures and vehicles inherent in complex commercial deals.  Of course at the core of almost all technology and commercial agreements is intellectual property - and our expertise in intellectual property and intellectual property transactions aligns perfectly with our technology focus and is a core pillar of our practice.

Specifically, our lawyers are regularly involved in drafting and negotiating services agreements, joint ventures, strategic alliances, distribution agreements, reseller agreements, co-branding agreements and other similar go-to-market arrangements. Our commercial transaction attorneys structure and negotiate corporate partnering, joint venture and strategic alliance transactions, R&D deals, licensing arrangements, marketing arrangements, OEM agreements and distribution/agency contracts, typically representing both early stage companies in their negotiations with much larger companies as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Our technology transactions attorneys advise fast-growing companies in all technology, commercial and life sciences sectors, from software, hardware, Internet, communications, digital media, SaaS, content, and other high technology areas to life sciences, health care biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical-device and bioinformatics companies.  We excel in those game changing and bet the company type agreements - our clients look to us to help them navigate the most difficult of negotiations.

Flat Fee Commercial Transaction Attorneys

Amplify believes in the best of both worlds - true legal sophistication and expertise in technology and commercial transactions as well as the ability to provide fixed fee technology transactions legal services.  Our technology transactions attorneys have negotiated hundreds of transactions and know how to effectively and efficiently handle representations.  We are thus able to offer flat rate commercial transaction attorneys and services.  Learn more about our alternative billing for technology and commercial transactions representations.  While we are based in the Washington, DC area, we can represent clients across the US and represent domestic clients in international transactions.

Want to Learn More?  Schedule a Free Consultation to Talk With Us


We know clients might want to learn more about us and our experience and we are happy to talk to prospective clients - no charge and no obligation. We know that once you talk to us and learn about our firm, you'll have all the information you need to choose Amplify to help you manage your legal requirements and help your company grow.  Contact us today.

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