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Flexible + Low Cost Billing Models

At Amplify, we offer flexible billing models on a per-project and per-client basis to meet the need of virtually any client.  Just contact us and we can lean more about your project and how we can work with you to best meet your legal needs and budget.

Flat Fee




At Amplify, the majority of our projects are performed on a flat fee basis.  Our clients love the transparency and certainty that comes with flat fee and fixed rate billing.

For select clients, we will provide defined services on a deferred fee basis.  Our model usually involves a nominal retainer to get going followed by deferred fees.

Certain startup clients will ask us to take equity in leiu of (or as a compontent of) our fees.  We evaluate it on a case-by-case basis and align with clients who show promise.

Rates start under $350/hr depending on client size and attorney level.  Hourly rates can be a preferred client option for larger clients or negotiated transactions.

Our Model > Start Ups + Mature Companies

Amplify provides leading legal services to two distinct client bases - (i) entreprenuers, start-ups and early stage companies and (ii) medium to  large private and public companies.  We understand the unique needs of these client sets and strive to offer true value through our expert legal experience and cost-effective fee structures.  That is why we offer flexible and agile fee arrangements depending on the representation, client and project.  We offer both fixed-fee/flat-fee project pricing for discrete engagements as well as low hourly rates for general engagements.  Clients of all sizes understand the value we provide.

Hourly Rates + Flat Fee Engagements For Mature Companies

Our standard hourly rates start are a fraction of big firms and are often lowest-in-class - in fact they are generally 20%+ less than a first year associate at a large law firm (who has little to no experience) and 50-80% less than partners or senior associates at large law firms.  We provide true BigLaw partner level experience at a fraction of the rates.


While we offer a low hourly rate, many clients like cost certainty and we get that.  That is why we can provide a flat fee quote for every project that has defined scope.  No wondering what the fee will be.  We are also happy to work with clients to try and find a flexible arrangement to meet their goals.


We pride ourselves on the sophistication and client service that large firms deliver.  Don't work with large firms that duplicate work, have huge overhead, staff projects with inexperienced lawyers and demand huge premiums.  You can have your cake and eat it too with Amplify - leading legal representation at a fraction of the cost.

Start Up/Entreprenuer Rates + Fees

We understand that many start ups and early stage companies are not just fee sensitive but usually cash strapped as well.  Our startup incorporation package start as low as $999 for a standard incorporation or organization for a single founder. We provide flat fee arrangements for start-ups (generally less than $3K for up to four founders) and also offer deferred and equity engagements on a case-by-case basis.  When we defer fees we do expect equity and a nominal amount up front - its part of the risk equation for us and since we are not a large firm, we can't (and would not want to) take on 5 clients with the understanding that only one may get funded (the way most large firms operate - high fees and high volume). 


We go all-in for all startup clients and you will quickly see the value we add on the corporate, commercialization, IP and CxO front.  In fact, we limit the number of clients we work with in order to ensure that we can provide the same high-level of growth focused legal services to eash client.


When we work with startups, we focus on providing lean representations that protect our clients but really help them drive growth - avoiding unecessary legal expenses.  We almost always provide flat fee pricing for start-up projects and are clear at the start of an engagement about the price and the discount the client will get.  How can we offer this level of experience at this price point?  Its because our goal is to create a long term relationship to help start-up clients grow and assist them throughout their life cycle.

High Quality Legal Representation | Cost-Effective Rates 

Amplify is dedicated to offering cost-effective solutions that are compelling and outside-the-box.  We understand the sensitivity to rates and the upward trends in the industry - even the largest of public companies are looking for value from their law firms and trying to push costs down without a decrease in quality.  That is where Amplify comes in - we have the legal expertise and skills to go toe-to-toe with anyone, but our rates are often 1/2 to 2/3rds the price of large firms.  Even better, we understand the need for cost-certainty and accurate budgeting and have developed flat fee legal rates and subscription services for most of our practice areas. 


How can we do this?  Our knowledge and expertise in our core practice areas allows us to have a fundamental understanding of how representations and transactions unfold.  We know the "dance" - and what time and effort it will take.  We are also willing to take on the risk if we get it wrong (or the deal fundamentally changes).  We don't believe in commoditized legal services but we do believe in commoditized rates that are transparent and consistent with the value you expect and we can deliver.

Fixed Fee Engagements

Amplify strongly believes in flat fee engagements.  We have tremendous experience with all of our core practice areas and can provide a flat fee quote for almost any defined scope project. 

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