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Need a form SaaS Agreement or Software License Agreement?

software licensing lawyers

Amplify Law can provide you with a customized form of SaaS Agreement or Software License Agreement starting at only $1000!

Customized SaaS Agreements and Software License Agreements

Simple Pricing + An Easy Process

We understand start ups and small companies don't have large legal budgets but still need expert attorneys to help them license and commercialize their products and services.  Amplify Law is committed to providing accessible tech legal services to help companies grow.

Type of Agreement


What You Get


SaaS Pilot/Eval Agreement

For pre-commercial release to test the product and get initial customers under your belt. 

- 2 calls with a tech attorney

- 3-4 page custom agreement

 - Discounted hourly rates for future work

Starting at $1000

Basic SaaS Agreement

For paying customers - a provider friendly form meant for customers that are unlikely to signficantly negotiate

- 2 calls with a tech attorney

- 3-4 page custom agreement

 - Discounted hourly rates for future work

Starting at $1000

Full SaaS Agreement

For selling to large sophisticated customers or customers that will expect significant protections and specific support/SLA terms

- 2 calls with a tech attorney

- 8-10 page custom agreement

 - Discounted hourly rates for future work

Starting at $2000

Large Company Agreement

For large established companies looking for support in drafting a custom agreement and support schedules to match current practices

As Scoped

Starting at $3000+

We offer the same services for standard software license agreements.  All engagements and scoped services are solely governed by our client engagement letter - learn more about the process and find more detail on the services here.

License Terms

A SaaS contract has a fundamentally different type of license structure than a traditional software license.  You need to get it right from the beginning. 

Big Data Software Licensing Lawyers
SLAs / Support

For full SaaS Agreement and larger companies looking to provide specific schedules and SLAs to customer, we help you structure provider-friendlyterms.

Cloud Licensing Attorney
Business Terms

It is easy to forget important business and legal terms if you do things yourself. We help you think through issues that you might miss. 

Mobile App Licensing Attorney
Cyber Security Software Licensing Attorney
SaaS Licensing Lawyers
IP Ownership


Protecting IP is critical.  We help protect multiple layers of your IP and related feedback from customers.  Don't trust a random form SaaS contract. 

Just because you have limited assets/revenue in early days, doing a bad deal creates precedent and risk - let us help you limit potential liability.

Amplify provides forms that protect providers/licensors but we have the ability to cost-effectively tailor forms and deals based on customer needs.

 . . .and there are so many other issues to think about in a SaaS contract.

SaaS + Software Agreements:  One Size Does Not Fit All

Why trust your fundamental relationship roadmap to a form you Googled?
SaaS Licensing Lawyers

Why do you need a custom SaaS or licensing agreement?

/  Revenue

When you don't use a tailored SaaS agreement, you are potentially leaving dollars on the table.  From refund rights to revenue recognition to getting your commercial model right - our SaaS lawyers can ensure your set up to maximize your revenue.

/  Risk

Why put your entire company or product at risk to save a few dollars upfront?  We reduce your risk by minimizing liability and legal obligations to align your SaaS licensing with market practice and customer expectations so everyone wins.

/  Exits + VC

No matter what stage of growth your business is at, you should always be focused on investments and exit.  Each and every contract you enter into affects investment and exit decisions - including valuation and even go-forward decisions. 

/  Clients

A customer will have many expectations when doing business with a startup.  Part of the sales process is a polished form.  We draft agreements that protect you and help you get deals signed and revenue in the door. 

Why choose Amplify to draft your SaaS contract template?

Software Licensing Large Company
Low Fees

No big firm fees - our SaaS agreement work is usually on a low flat fee basis. We can create a SaaS contract starting at $1000.

Software Licensing Large Company

We have drafted 100s of customized SaaS contract templates and agreements. We are experts on all things SaaS.

Software Licensing Large Company
Our Model

You work with one of our software and SaaS attorneys who is a partner at the firm.  No inexperienced lawyers here.

Tech Expertise
Software Licensing Large Company

Our SaaS lawyers speak fluent technology and can interact with developers and programmers at a low level.

Software Licensing Large Company

Depending on client needs, we can help with intros to our network to help your business grow and thrive.

Software Licensing Large Company

We are small on purpose - we are agile and responsive to client needs as well as market changes related to SaaS agreements.

Contact Us To Get Started

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to schedule a call.  Please note we ask for this information to better understand your needs as well as to ensure there is a good fit for a potential long term collaborative relationship.  While we don't require all of the info below - we will likely ask for it in a follow up email. 

SaaS Licensing Attorneys Who Offer Real Expertise + Value

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