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SaaS Template/Form Service Offerings Information


The following information applies to our SaaS Template/Form Service Offerings found here.


Attorney-Client Relationship and Engagement Terms


Remember - an attorney client relationship is only created upon the execution of a client engagement letter.  The terms of our engagement are solely governed by the terms of such engagement letter.  The following information is for informational purposes only as we know potential clients try to understand the process and fees as much as possible before choosing an attorney.  A specific engagement letter with a client and related terms are the only terms that apply to our client relationships.


Understanding Our Services



1.)  Please contact us at the bottom of the SaaS Form Page. 

2.)  We will respond with an email as soon as we are able and either ask for more information or provide a proposed engagement letter. 

Note:  Unfortunately, we are not able to have any pre-engagement phone calls (e.g. to feel us out, to ask upfront questions, etc.) for potential SaaS Pilot/Eval Agreements or Basic SaaS Agreements (see SaaS Agreement Page for descriptions) unless you have other legal needs or will use our services for follow up negotiations.  We apologize for any inconvenience but in order to offer the price points indicated, we are not able to have calls for those types of agreements unless you will use us for the work. 

3.)  You provide an executed version of the engagement letter and half of the services fee as an upfront retainer. 

4.)  We schedule an initial call to discuss your company and product to inform our contract drafting. 

5.)  We create a custom draft of the SaaS Agreement.  We will then send you the draft for you to review and comment on. 

6.)  We schedule a follow up call to get your input on the draft and walk you through the agreement. 

7.)  We revise the form again based on your input (if needed) and send you a final version for your use.

8.)  You go sell!


Type of Agreement - Use

It should be pretty clear what type of agreement you need but we can provide input if needed.  If you select a certain type of form but your requirements or our anticipated work exceeds that scope, we will advise that we can't do the work under that type of form and/or additional fees may apply.  If you have a complicated product (e.g. with lots of separately priced modules, complicated service delivery model, etc.), we will not be able to provide services squarely within these pricing buckets.


What You Get

Attorney Calls - For each engagement we will have an initial call to understand the company and product to inform our drafting of the agreement.  We then will have a call to walk through the initial form of agreement we drafted for you.   See the Process section above for more information.


Forms of Agreement  - We will provide a form of agreement in the categories described as set forth in an engagement letter.  The SaaS Pilot/Eval Agreement and Basic SaaS Agreement will be provider friendly forms and do not include any specific schedules or SLAs.  If your customers are expecting detailed SLAs, Support + Maintenance Terms, etc. - you should choose the Full SaaS Agreement.  If you have many specific requirements or needs outside of generally described categories above, we will need to discuss a project with you and provide a proposed price for such work.  Most startups and early stage companies do not have those needs. 


Your form will be one that you can potentially use across your customer base for the type of agreement indicated in the engagement letter.  A form is intended to provide a starting place for customer discussions. However, as set out in our engagement letter, a form is not appropriate for all types of deals and custom work may be required for specific customers or deals.  We do NOT provide any end customer specific customization services related to our creation of forms/templates in the flat fee pricing for the the form creation services as agreed to in the engagement letter.  In addition, customers may want to negotiate your form and negotiations are not included in the flat fee pricing for the the form creation services as agreed to in the engagement letter.  We are happy to perform deal negotiations at our discounted hourly rates as set forth in an engagement letter.


Discounted Rates - We offer a discount of ~35% off our standard hourly rates for follow up work for early stage and pre-investment companies.  That generally means clients that have less than $1M in aggregate revenues (not annual) or have received less than $1M in aggregate outside investment (across all rounds and types). 



What does "starting at" mean?  We will generally provide standard engagements at the prices shown in the table.  However, if you have specific and material requirements or needs or you need more work than intended for the described form offerings, we will require additional fees (of course you can choose not to work with us).  The exact scope of work and fees are set forth in an engagement letter.


We require a retainer of half the agreed amount prior to start of work.  You can pay by check or ACH.  You can pay by credit card or paypal but we will charge an additional 5%.


Additional Services and Fees

If you have specific requests or requirements of the form that fall outside our agreed upon parameters in an engagement letter (e.g. adding specific schedules to a Basic SaaS Agreement), we will agree to additional flat fees in advance or perform services at our standard or discounted hourly rates.



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