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Our SaaS attorneys are true experts in SaaS and software transactions having negotiated billions of dollars in deals for clients of all sizes.  Leverage an Amplify SaaS attorney to grow your revenue and protect your technology and business.

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Why Work With Our SaaS Attorneys?

/ Experience

Our SaaS attorneys have negotiated billions in SaaS, software and related  technology deals - from both the provider and customer side.  We understand our client's goals and help them achieve their objectives.

/ Tech Focus

Amplify's SaaS attorneys truly understand complicated technology and have even co-founded tech start ups. An Amplify SaaS attorney is in a unique position to truly understand and counsel on all SaaS and tech matters.

/ Low Fees

Clients deserve reasonable and clear legal fees.  Our SaaS attorneys can work on flat fee, deferred, equity or other models - resulting in low cost services that our client's love.  Get big firm experience at a fraction of the cost.

/ Deal Skills

SaaS agreements can be complicated - often in ways a client might not anticipate.  We help you avoid future issues + drive revenues to achieve client goals. Let an expert SaaS attorney provide true value to position you for success.

Deep SaaS Experience

SaaS Agreements

Amplify's SaaS attorneys have negotiated every type of SaaS transaction - from start up clickwraps to an 80 page master with a Fortune 500 clients.


Your SaaS offering usually relies infrastructure providers to help you deliver client solutions.  Our SaaS attorneys have deep cloud expertise.  

Service Levels

Choose a SaaS attorney that has true expertise in service level agreements, security exhibits, disaster recovery terms and maintenance and support terms. 

Data Rights

Data is king.  Our clients almost always seek to leverage customer and user data and an Amplify SaaS attorney helps them structure use rights in a compliant manner.

Deal Terms

At the core of your SaaS deal, are the all important business terms.  Our SaaS attorneys can help you structure deal terms and increase revenue. 

B2C / B2B

Each use case and deal model has unique requirements and pain points.  An Amplify SaaS lawyer can help you navigate the complexities.  

 . . .and much more.

Example SaaS Clients + Partners

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Amplify attorneys have advised on critical and complicated SaaS and technology transactions on behalf of clients with:






Turner Network

Diseny / ESPN










Time Warner



Amazon / AWS

Saas Attorneys Who Offer Real Expertise + Value

Sample deals of our SaaS attorneys:

Negotiated SaaS agreements with a public company pharmacy and health care chain to seed the market with client’s SaaS platform and related services and allow multi-million dollar revenue opportunities for client's existing business offerings.

Represented a large PE/VC backed SaaS and software client in multi-million dollar SaaS transactions with public company customers in the content, advertising and technology industries.  Focused on complicated IP, liability, security, uptime and services requirements and provisions. 

Counseled public health care software provider in strategic transactions, including in-licenses of SaaS technologies to create a broader and more integrated customer solution + significantly increase marginal revenues on existing product offerings.

Negotiated numerous SaaS and related service transactions related to client's content technology platform.  Prioritized revenue opportunities and high-level risk to grow client's market penetration while positioning it for future investment.

Advised numerous early stage and start up clients in developing form and template SaaS agreements.  Amplify SaaS lawyers provided optional provisions based on client value and risk tolerances and cusomtized SaaS agreements to prioritize client goals.

Negotiated numerous SaaS and technology agreements for and against Fortune 500 companies such as: AT&T, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon/AWS, Time Warner, Disney, Walgreens, IBM, Snap and many others.

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