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Lawyers to

Help You Grow + Protect Your Small Business

Small Business Lawyer s in the Washington, DC Area

Amplify Law Can Help:

/Growth Focus

Our small business lawyers are focused on helping you grow your business - whether its helping increase sales, open a new location, move to e-commerce or anything else.  We are your partner in building your businesss.

/Low Fees

We know the pain points of a small business owner and that is why Amplify Law is focused on providing big firm experience at low rates.  We do almost all work on a low flat fee basis.  Work with a low cost small business lawyer.


Our small business attorneys in Washington DC have deep experience in virtually all aspects of the legal needs of a small business.  Why?  Because we have been small business owners in the Washington DC area!

/Our Network

Whether you need help finding a web developer, accountant, handyman or any other service to help your small business, chances are we can help connect you to someone who can help your small business in the DC area.


Our small business attorneys in DC know how important it is to provide flexible and agile solutions to our clients.  We don't over-lawyer and always focus on  providing business-first advice that helps our client's bottom line.

Small Business Lawyer DC
Small Business Employment Lawyer Washington DC
Small Business Finance Attorney Washington DC
Small Business Attorney DC
Small Business Real Estate Lawyer Washington DC



 Customer Matters

Small Business Attorney Washington DC


Real Estate


We can handle all types of corporate matters for your small business.  Small businesses face unique challenges and our attorneys can help.

No matter if you have 1 or 100 employees, its important to both incentivize employees and ensure the proper paperwork is in place.

Customers drive every business - and its important to ensure that your customer terms or contracts are fair but also protect your business.

Almost every small business needs capital to operate.  Our small business lawyers help you take on financing on beneficial terms to help you grow.

Whether its your first lease, you are moving to grow or opening a new location, we can help you negotiate a favorable lease for your company.

Learn more about our small business law areas of practice below.  Chances are, one of our small business lawyers in Washington DC can help.

A Focus on Cost-Effective Leading Legal Services for Small Businesses

With Amplify's small business legal platform, clients benefit from a unique understanding and close relationship with experienced small business lawyers in Washington DC who understand what small businesses need to help them grow and succeed. 

Our small business lawyers are focused on driving value for your business.  We've started small businesses ourselves and know that choosing the right lawyer can be a daunting task.  In fact, many small business owners aviod lawyers at all costs until absolutely necessary.   You know what?  We can't blame them but that doesn't mean all small business attorneys are created the same.  When you talk to a small business lawyer at Amplify Law, you will quickly see the difference.  We work with small business owners to make sure they are comfortable with us as well as our approach to their needs.

We are not lawyers for the sake of being lawyers.  We truly believe in value-added, business-centric small business legal services. 

Focus on Your Small Business, Not Your Legal Needs

For most small businesses in the Washington DC area, a traditional law firm's fees are often too high. That's where Amplify can help.  Our small business attorneys have represented many small business from founding to when they are no longer "small" businesses.  We take pride in offering big firm experience at low rates - small business owners don't need to use second rate lawyers, at Amplify you get large law firm experience at small firm rates.

We tailor our engagement to your needs and have deep experience in virtually every area that might affect a small business.  While we do not litigate, we can help in virtually every other area a small business might have a legal need.  We are particularly focused on corporate, IP, commercial, real estate, employment and founder matters. 

Small Business Lawyer In Washington DC with Flat Rate Fees

How can we truly add value when it comes to providing small business legal services?  By doing it for flat fee rates and fixed rate pricing.  We strive to offer competitive flat fee pricing on virtually any engagement.  Clients like it because it provide cost certainty and a known budget.  We like it because it makes clients happy.  So if you are a small business and need sophisticated legal representation but don't want to break your budget, check us out at Amplify Law.  We also can provide a Washington DC business lawyer if you need that.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a DC Small Business Attorney

We know clients might want to learn more about us and our experience and we are happy to talk to prospective clients - no charge and no obligation. We know that once you talk to us and learn about our firm, you'll have all the information you need to choose Amplify to help you manage your legal requirements and help your company grow.  Contact us today.

Small Business Practice Areas


​Formation, Corporate Secretary, Board Matters, Etc.

Intellectual Property

Protection, Commercialization

Transactions, Licensing, Tech

Employee Matters, Policies


Deal Structuring + Negotiations


Litigation Management


Banking, Debt Venture Capital


Public Company Filings

Real Estate

Leases, Purchases

And More

We offer true generalist skills

Industry Expertise and Focus

Local Retail

Restaurants + Food Services

High Tech

Information Technology (IT)

Digital Media | Content

Software | Hardware

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Internet | E-Commerce

Communications | Infrastructure

Life Sciences | Biotechnology

Health Care | Pharmaceuticals

Financial Services


Professional Services

Real Estate

Entertainment | Media

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