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 Startup Advisors Who Help You Turn Your Idea Into a Business + Grow It

At Amplify, we have over a decade of experience helping start and grow companies (and doing it ourselves). We provide full spectrum start-up business advisory services via a cost-effective and results-orientated model.

Startup Advisors Focused On What Really Matters > Growing Your Business

While Amplify Law offers a sophisticated legal practice, our start up advisory services are much more than legal start up services - they are holistic business advisory services that provide expert support and true strategic value to help position your company to succeed in today's competitive environment.  We are focused on helping clients through the most important stages of the business growth cycle: conceptualization, pre-launch, launch and early growth.   Amplify provides advisory services focused on the core areas that affect start-ups: business, product/market, technology, intellectual property, finance/funding, legal and more.


Our goal is to provide cost-effective start-up advisory services that help early stage companies focus on what really matters while providing a network designed to offer scalable support as your company grows from an idea to revenue.

Silicon Valley Experience

Leveraging experience at the preeminent Silicon Valley law firm - Wilson, Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) - and then both founding and advising start-ups and venture backed companies, our founder brings truly unique expertise to help your company grow.

From Idea to Execution to Revenue > Experience Matters

Amplify's Start Up Advisory services are designed to put your company at a competitive advantage.  By having sophisticated advisors on board early, you not only avoid many common mistakes and time drains but, more importantly, you can leverage strategic advice and industry expertise to help focus on what truly matters when growing your business.  


Most companies think they can't afford early stage advisors or professionals or that it's just not that important.   Only in hindsight do they realize that it was a mistake to not get sophisticated advisory help, and by then significant problems can have already arisen.  Amplify helps you focus on what really matters when you are building your business.

Focusing on your core product/service and deciding if its viable is the critical endeavor in any start-up scenario - however, it needs to the core pillar of a focused and strategic start-up effort that provides a strong foundation to scale your business quickly when you gain traction.  If you do not take some time to focus on other important matters, you will put yourself at a decided disadvantage.  Amplify can help you focus on all areas that are important to a start-up so that you aren't playing catch up or missing that critically important issue that might have changed the entire course of your business.

Clients Who Get It


"Amplify was a valued partner during the start-up and early growth stage of our company.  From helping us on strategic IP matters to advising on founder and market issues, Amplify helped us focus our business and grow it in a business-friendly / results-orientated way that paid for itself 100x over."                                       

                                     -  Michael Hallinan



Our startup advisory services span virtually all industries but we tend to have majority of our clients come from the worlds of technology, health sciences/biotech and retail/commercial services.  We have helped companies ranging from sophisticated app developers to mom-and-pop local businesses.  Our multifaceted cross industry expertise comes from over a decade of helping advise clients as well as undertaking multiple startups ourselves.  It's impossible to have effective startup advisors who have not walked the walk and understand what it's like to be the shoes of a business owner looking to change the world.  Amplify is dedicated to helping you start your company and grow your business.  


Our team is comprised of our core Amplify counselors but supplemented with a expert professional network that draws upon decades of experience in both your industry as well as with startups generally.  We leverage strong relationships and expert advisors in technology, biotech/healthcare, professional services, commercial/retail, government contracting, financial services and many more industries to provide expert advice.

Our Start Up Advisory Services


We tailor our advisory services to the client and their needs yet we also offer customer friendly set packages that can provide cost certainty as well as a great framework for focusing on what matters.

Starter Package

The basics you need to start your company the right way:


  • 30 Minute Intro Call

  • Business Organization

    • Entity Selection Assistance

    • Entity Organization

    • Founder Agreements

    • IP/Employee Agreements

    • State Filings

  • Intellectual Property Review - High Level

  • Business Focus

    • High Level Business Plan Feedback

    • High Level PitchDeck Review

  • 30 Minute Wrap Up Call

Plus Package

Starter Package plus:


  • Founder Advisement

    • Ownership/Equity/Vesting Discussions

    • 83(b) elections

  • Finance/Funding Strategy Feedback

  • Basic Website Audit (or proposed website structuring if in development)

  • Operational/Team Structuring Feedback

  • Intellectual Property

    • Trademark Application

    • Corporate NDA

  • Legal Time

    • 1 Hour General Use Time

  • Service Provider Introductions

    • Start-Up Focused Finance, Web Designers, Marketing, etc.

Premium Package

Plus Package plus:


  • Product/Service Analysis

    • Actionable Feedback + Insight on Your Proposed Business

    • Commercialization Strategy Discussion

  • Board/Advisor Outreach

    • Negotiations

    • Director Agreements

  • General Advisor/Attorney Advice

    • Up to An Hour Per Month For Six Months

  • Active Networking and Intros

    • We leverage our network to help you with your needs

  • Intellectual Property Audit

    • Deep Dive of Existing/ Potential IP + Ways to Commercialize

  • Website Best Practices

    • User Interaction Feedback

    • SEO/SEM Analysis

    • Drafting of Terms of Use/ Privacy Policy

  • Access to Add On Services and Outsourced CxO services

Note: All package fees exclude filing fees and similar fees required by applicable states or offices (e.g. incorporation filing fees, USPTO fees, etc.).


Need Specific Services or Package Doesn't Work For You?
At Amplify, we can tailor our services to whatever you need, from discrete one-off projects to mixing and matching services, we are flexible and want to make it work for you.  So send us an email or call us today and we can figure out something that works for you today!  If you only need start-up attorney services, we do that too - check out our start up lawyer services here.


Thinking of Using a Legal Service Provider Like LegalZoom? 
Think again - see why we provide much more value than service providers even for routine filings.


Want to Learn More?  Schedule a Free Consultation to Talk With Us

We know clients might want to learn more about us and our experience and we are happy to talk to prospective clients - no charge and no obligation. We know that once you talk to us and learn about our firm, you'll have all the information you need to choose Amplify to help you manage your legal requirements and help your company grow.  Contact us today.

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