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Music Lawyers to To Help Expertly Navigate the Music Industry

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Entity Selection Services Startup Lawyers

We handle all types of music contracts for all industry players.  From artist deals to new media licensing and much more.

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At its core, music is intellectual property and protecting it and commercializing it takes a skilled music attorney.

Our music attorneys can assist with all aspects of in or out licesning music/content and managing rights.

In today's music industry, advertising and marketing can make or break a single, act or label.

From traditional airplay to trending new media distribution issues, our music lawyers can help you get it right.

Social media, liability waivers, publicity rights, NDAs, corporate formations, financings - our music lawyers can help!

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Contact Startup Lawyers
Contact Startup Lawyers
Contact Startup Lawyers
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Our music lawyer s help artists understand their deals and help them navigate an industry that can seem daunting.

Amplify represents venues in negotiating with acts and events as well as protecting them from liability.

Our music lawyer s work with small and independent labels in securing talent and commercializing content.

You need an expert music lawyer if you are putting together the next big festival or event - see how we can help!

The fact is most music is consumed by fans through digital distribution - our music attorneys are experts.

Our Music Lawyers Are Industry Experts

Amplify Law is a full service entertainment and media law firm specializing on the changing landscape of media and entertainment in relation to technology and the digital world.  Our media and entertainment attorneys represent clients from across the industry - from artists to clubs to festivals to labels - in all areas of law that might affect them.  We are experts in all things media, entertainment and music and provide strategic legal solutions to our clients - not just cookie cutter forms and advice.

Our media and entertainment law services include:

    > Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating entertainment, music and performance contracts and agreements, including recording agreements, publishing and licensing deals, distribution and royalty agreements.   

    > Acting as general counsel for established labels and media or related companies in areas such as talent contracts, copyright, trademark, marketing, merchandising, brand development, leases and much more.   

    > Helping new artists understand how the industry works, how to protect their intellectual property, and how to identify and navigate through the typical pitfalls in media and entertainment business and recording deals.

    >  Assist with business creation issues including formation, liability and risk management issues.   

    >  Representation in copyright and intellectual property (IP) litigation.

    >  Assisting creative clients in securing rights in their music, including copyright registration.

    >  Develop and maintain relationships with media industry representatives, studios, labels, radio and television, and other artists.

Amplify's music entertainment law practice includes representation of record companies, development and A&R companies, bands, publishers, musicians, music producers, singers, songwriters, labels, recording artists and producers, DJs, and other artists.  We represents clients on various matters relating to the media and entertainment business, including contracts (artist/talent agreements, producer agreements, record profit share agreements, agency agreements, record contracts, publishing agreements, royalty agreements, production contracts, marketing contracts, social media contracts, etc.), corporate matters, copyright and other intellectual property matters, formation and financing of start-up media companies,  management matters and disputes, content distribution and licensing, marketing and sponsorship matters and agreements, and festival, touring and live performance contracts.

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A Note to Artists: The Value of Expert Music Attorneys

A primary focus of our firm's representation is to advise and counsel clients about legal aspects of the entertainment industry and how to navigate the tricky waters associated with doing business in the industry.  Common responsibilities of our entertainment lawyers will be to draft and negotiate contracts for clients with third parties, such as record and publishing companies, managers, booking agents and producers.  Our media attorneys also will prepare IP registrations, and advise clients on artist management and development matters (like goal focus, helping choose managers or record companies, common pitfalls and career matters).


Horror stories about artists signing bad deals are common in the industry.  Our job as entertainment attorneys is to help clients to avoid these kinds of mistakes.  Our entertainment and music attorneys will advise you and protect your interests before you sign any agreements with industry professionals or record labels.  We make sure clients understand the contract, and that the contract is up to industry standards.  In other words, our media attorney’s main objectives are to do everything we can to make sure you enter into a fair agreement and that we help you avoid common legal pitfalls in the industry. 

But we go above and beyond that here at Amplify.  Our industry knowledge provides proactive strategic advice to clients and we help them leverage our industry connections.  In addition to our entertainment industry attorneys providing general legal advice and negotiation skills, we are valuable members of your team. A good entertainment attorney should also have in their repertoire, the ability to be your business advisor and your personal “rainmaker” - at Amplify we do that.

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