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Leveraging true technological backgrounds and experience, our technology lawyers help clients protect, commercialize and leverage technology and data.

Deep Technology Law Expertise


We have negotiated billions in software licensing transactions - our software licensing attorneys are true experts in both in and out licensing.

Open Source

We help ensure open source software doesn't create negative effects when built into offerings or licensed from vendors. We know what really matters.

Social Media

Terms of service compliance, API licenses, data sharing, co-marketing, advertising, user privacy issues, content distribution, privacy policies and more. 


Our SaaS agreement experts represent both service providers as they migrate offerings to the cloud as well as customers using software as a service

Cyber Security

While competing frameworks and breaches can be the norm, there are real legal implications on the cyber security front.  A technology lawyer can help. 


Crowdsourcing can increase access to captial, leverage expertise and increase productivity, but not without real legal issues that need to be addressed. 

Mobile / Apps

We represent the entire mobile ecosystem spectrum with a focus on platform compliance, data and privacy, licensing, marketing and more. 


From SLAs to security, we are on top of cutting edge cloud legal issues. We are intimately familiar with Amazon Web Services and related cloud providers. 

Big Data

We  represent clients in data rights issues as well as technology and licensing issues, allowing them to  leverage their technology investments. 

 . . . and much more.

Technology Lawyers on the Cutting Edge

Why Choose Our Technology Lawyers?

/  Experience

Simply put, we have done billions of dollars of tech deals with the titans of tech - from Apple to Google and many more.  Our technology lawyers are experts in protecting and monetizing tech on a cost effective and value added basis.

/ Low Fees

We know the pain points of most tech clients - the main one being costs.  We are confident our technology lawyers offer the best value in terms of experience, skills and flat fee pricing for all of your legal tech needs.

/  Valley

Our founder practiced at Wilson Sonsini and other tech focused firms learning how to  add true value to client representations.  Amplify's tech lawyers provide that experience and value at a fraction of the costs.

/ Practical

We don't over-lawyer tech deals or spin negotiation cycles. An Amplify tech lawyer will provide an honest opinion on how to balance risk and growth.  Our goal is to get deals done quickly on terms that work for all.

/ In the Weeds

Whether its open source license analysis, documenting a new deployment model or diving into API license terms, our technology lawyers can add real value when it comes to leveraging and exploiting your tech and data.

Example Clients + Partners

High-End Deal Experience

Amplify technology lawyers have advised on critical and complicated tech transactions on behalf of clients with:








Time Warner










Dow Jones



Ohio State




Example transactions of our technology lawyers:

Counseled a venture backed content creation platform provider on numerous technology transactions against large public companies and niche content and advertising service providers. Drafted company's deal forms to minimize deal cycles.

Advised large public pharmaceutical company on sophisticated product development efforts to diversify revenue and expand into managed services offerings based on mobile and app service delivery model.

Advised a security and DRM software company in implementing a new preferred customer program offering that allowed for renegotiation of existing contracts to decrease liability exposure while also increasing revenue.

Acted as lead technology and commercial transactions law firm for large advertising software/SaaS provider in numerous deals with large public companies such as Verizon, ESPN, Time Warner, AT&T, Turner, Univision and more.

Assisted a financial services company on internal application development including software development deal,  compliance review of ecosystem requirements and identifying best ways to leverage platform.

Managed website and e-commerce audits and implementation of associated policies and best practices, including terms of use, privacy policies, content agreements and design protection to protect client interests in online environments.

Advised a cutting edge advertising technology and device insight SaaS provider on complicated business and transaction models and related form agreements that facilitated pre-revenue venture financing.

Conducted Open Source Software analysis of components of acquired businesses and technology for large public content and media company.  Advised on risk and mitigation techniques to ensure consistency with go-forward plan.

Counseled large pubic company on social media policies and best practices for employee and marketing interactions on the Internet.  Advised on marketing compliance and regulatory issues for highly regulated space. 

Technology Lawyers Who Offer Real Expertise + Value

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